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how come villagers dont get fucking hunted down by bees when they shake trees

Help save a 16 year-old trans girl of color from being put in a mens adult prison with NO crimes charged on her by emailing Commissioner Katz.



She has never been convicted of a crime but they want to move her to near isolation in an adult mens prison. This CANNOT happen. Here is a more in depth article:

I put together an email for Commissioner Katz, so all you have to do is copy and paste it. Click here for the example email

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i think the burn i got from the fryer has an infection


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this video is the shit and no one can tell me otherwise

looks like someone got creative

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I don’t even want to think about how time consuming that must have been

holy shit


No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.

"Young sad person looking for someone to scream into, possibly bite. No sex, just holding while I cry and try to get over this. I love too much and sometimes it gets complicated. No apologies, just silly stupidity."